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Animal Communication Readings
by J Morgan

J Morgan is a gifted animal intuitive reader and can connect with your companion animal, both in person or through pictures, to determine if they are happy and healthy! She can also help address behavioural, physical health, or traumatic issues they may have faced.

J Morgan also provides animal mediumship through pictures to
connect with animals that have passed.

You are very welcome to bring your companion animal with you to the reading! (Our store is animal friendly!) If you are unable to bring your them, please have a photo ready for the appointment.

Cost is $30 + GST for approx 20 minutes

Click here to see if there is a reading date currently available! 

J Morgan is an Animal Communicator, Animal Reiki Master & Medium. She has been a Usui Reiki Master for over 10 year.

She began her practice knowing that she was meant to bridge the gap between animals and people. With her 13 years in the animal care industry, both physically and metaphysically, J Morgan has dedicated her life to being a voice for animals. She currently teaches, practices, and speaks about animal wellness of body, mind & spirit across Manitoba and Western Canada.



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