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Meditation is a way to focus and quiet your mind. It is a practical and powerful way to reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration and mindfulness, and provide calmness and inner healing.

Meditation is beneficial if you are feeling distracted and out of touch, if you have had a difficult day at work, or if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Each week will be a different guided meditation from a variety of practices including: mudras, breathing techniques, external object focus, and guided thought, visualization, or experience.

Meditations will be done in a seated position and guided by trained yoga instructor Ashley Voth. While chairs will be provided, if you feel more comfortable on the ground, you are welcome to bring your own mats or cushions. We do not currently have a padded floor.  A variety of calming music will be played during each meditation.

Each session is approx 1 hour which includes a 30 minute guided meditation with 30 minutes of group discussion to follow. The group discussion is incredibly beneficial to address any experiences, feelings or concerns that may arise from the meditation.   Every meditation experience is different and attending regular sessions is beneficial to the learning process. 

Saturday Guided Meditations are being offered FREE for the month of May!
Friday night chakra balancing meditations are by donation to charity

Jacobs Trading Studio - 1600 Regent Ave (rear entrance)


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Click here for the Saturday Morning Meditation Schedule